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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello Kitty Swatches

Here are the Hello Kitty reviews I promised in my last entry. :) 
Nail polish shown is Sephora by OPI's "Go With the Flow-er".

Inside, flash:

 Natural light:

I probably could have done another coat of color, but I wanted to get to putting on the stickers! I've got her bow on my index finger on my right hand as shown, and on my left hand thumb I've got a Hello Kitty face. They went on easily and seem to be staying, although I did put a top coat on as well. 

The liners:

Inside, flash:
Left to right:
Goodnight Dreams, Grape Juice, Chocolate Milk, Happy Cloud, Blueberry, Bicycle and Blue Sky.

Natural light.

I am very excited to use these in upcoming looks. The black liner looks a lot like MAC's Feline (which I also have) and I want to see how it compares staying wise. I had a lot of trouble keeping Feline from moving on me. I hope this one does better. :) I would also like to point out how much I love Happy Cloud and look forward to using it as a lower water line color. I hope someone eventually also compares these to the Urban Decay set that has recently been released (I am not paying $92 for eyeliners I probably wont use). 

Keep an eye out for a black liner review, including the color from this set and some others. I want to see how they compete against each other! :)

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